The objectives and purposes of Sons of Norway include:    

  • To unite in a fraternal benefit society of men and women of Norwegian and other Nordic birth or descent, their affiliates through marriage, and others with an interest in the objectives and purposes of Sons of Norway.

  • To express love and loyalty to our respective homelands, and to contribute to the life of our countries, to our heritage, and to maintain a close relationship with them.

  • To promote an understanding of mutual interests of the people of Norwegian and other Nordic heritage.

  • To aid in preserving the history of the pioneers of our countries, and the part the people of Norwegian or other Nordic descent have played in the development of them. 

  • To maintain and promote interest in everything that is good and noble in the Norwegian and other Nordic national character.

  • To sponsor or support such cultural, charitable and social service projects as are related to its general purpose as a fraternal benefit society.