Welcome to Solsyd Lodge #603 Lending Library.  We have a variety of books that Lodge members can take out and enjoy reading.  Books are allowed to be taken out for one month.  They will be picked up and returned at  monthly Lodge meetings.  If someone is unable to attend a meeting and the book is due, please contact the librarian.

Bev Jestin oversees the library, and she can be reached by phone at (403) 553-4125. 

In some cases, a member may be willing to loan out a book that is their personal possession and not donated to the library.  In that case, please contact the owner of the book directly.  Their contact information will be made available. 

You will find interesting stories under Norway & Vikings, books about other countries under Outside The Borders, lovely Norwegian crafts under Norsk Crafts, Patterns & Designs and a section called Other.  We also have a heading called Baking Library where you’ll be able to borrrow some Norwegian baking tools.

We hope you take the time to look at the pages and find something that interests you.